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HIVHUB.in is an Innovative Information and Knowledge based web portal that helps people on their path to wellness. We are focused on extending our services to our valuable users with an honest and trustworthy approach, providing them information and knowledge about medicines and healthcare products.

HIVHUB.in acts as bridge between users and the Independent Licensed Chemists and enable users to place their inquiry/indent. HIVHUB.in is supported by a network of Independent Licensed Chemists (sellers). All communications on HIVHUB.in are being forwarded to the said Independent Licensed Chemists. On confirmation of the same, the orders are fulfilled by the said Independent Licensed Chemist and delivered to users by the said Independent Licensed Chemist.

The communication on HIVHUB.in are only in the form of inquiry and indent and is subject to conformity by the said Independent Licensed Chemists.

Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Your ordered medicine delivery tracking AWB number will 8-16 hours in the system sand mail, your medicine you will gate 3-5 day approximate time India.




Contact international customers please WhatsApp or mail, we will also help you, get you the medicine you need at the cheapest price.


+91 9429801661

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